Launched in March 2018, by a collaboration of intergenerational slimers around a dinner table, Having watched how intensely intrigued my kids were with Slime and the internet, including the amount of kitchen and bathroom products that were used to create Slime and the number of times it failed resulted in disappointment.

There must be an easier way, so we  set out to create simple cost effective  slime solution that was safe and easy  to make that resulted in Super Sensational Slime every time.

From this moment The Slime Workshop  was conceived with the premise of  Happy Kids = Happy Parents.

The Slime Workshop – TSW Slime Solution

Since our inception our focus has been on creating a slime solution that is safe, environmentally and kid friendly working with a German chemist we were able to design a Slime Solution that is a plant based extract, biodegradable and non toxic. Using Global Best Practices and Manufacturing locally our TSW Slime Solution range was ready, no more need for contact lense fluids, Shampoos, Conditioners, Shaving Cream or raiding the kitchen or bathroom for expensive random products to make slime. TSW Slime Solution was a simple two step activation to make Sensational Slime every time. With our Special Activation methods also made cleaning Slime mishaps a breeze!!