Slime Workshop

Since our establishment, our primary focus has been on developing a slime solution that prioritises safety, environmental friendliness, and kid-friendliness. Collaborating with a German chemist, we successfully created a Slime Solution derived from plant extracts, ensuring it is biodegradable and non-toxic. By adhering to Global Best Practices and manufacturing locally, our TSW Slime Solution range was introduced, eliminating the need for items like contact lens fluids, shampoos, conditioners, shaving cream, or scavenging the kitchen and bathroom for various expensive products to make slime. The TSW Slime Solution involves a straightforward two-step activation process to produce Sensational Slime consistently. Additionally, our special activation methods make cleaning up slime mishaps a breeze!

Engaging in slime play is a sensory activity that allows children to explore and understand all five senses simultaneously. This multi-sensory experience promotes creativity and learning through exploration, fostering the development of fine motor skills and coordination. It goes beyond being a passing trend; it’s a tactile sensory experience and a means of connecting with your children.

Age is merely a number in the world of slime enthusiasts. Whether you’re a 3-year-old Slime Junior bonding with Mom or an 80-year-old Grand Master, there’s a slime experience tailored for you. Each person has their own preferences for texture, feel, imagery, and the satisfying noises that accompany every squish, stretch, poke, or pull – whether you’re making mega bubbles or simply unwinding with your favourite slime.

Slimetastic Benefits

Develops Fine Motor Skills

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Builds Relationships & Bonding

ASMR & Perception Development

Boosts Imaginary Articulation

Endorsed by Occupational Therapists