Slime Cafe

The Slime Café presents a distinctive slime experience, offering a captivating slime activity for kids of all ages at an affordable price point. In just around ten minutes, participants can create a 250g slime to take home, ensuring hours of enjoyment. An optional activator is also available. Upon selecting a Slime of the Day from our daily-changing menu, the Slime Star collaborates with one of our Slime Crew members to craft their super sensational slime. From Unicorn Swirl to Fluffy Panda, Pineapple Sparklers, Galaxy, or the more adventurous options like Pixie Poop and Aquaman’s Boogers, there’s a slime creation for every preference.

The TSW Slime Café Setup provides a turnkey slime solution that is scalable based on venue requirements and the purpose of the event or activation. Each TSW Slime Café activation is tailored to complement your existing programs or events seamlessly, aiming to integrate into your environment with minimal disruption to ongoing business activities.

The typical layout of the TSW Slime Café Design depends on space allocation & people traffic:

Slime Workshop

Since our establishment, our primary focus has been on developing a slime solution that prioritises safety, environmental friendliness, and kid-friendliness. Collaborating with a German chemist, we successfully created a Slime Solution derived from plant extracts, ensuring it is biodegradable and non-toxic. By adhering to Global Best Practices and manufacturing locally, our TSW Slime Solution range was introduced, eliminating the need for items like contact lens fluids, shampoos, conditioners, shaving cream, or scavenging the kitchen and bathroom for various expensive products to make slime.